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helping existing businesses prosper


The Chambers main task is to assist the business community to expand and create new wealth and job opportunities.   A focus on protecting existing jobs and helping current employers grow has stabilized the Salina Economy over the course of the past few years.


Face-to-face meetings with corporate leaders are highly effective to encourage retention of Salina jobs while exploring the opportunity to add new jobs and payroll.  Since 2007, dozens of trips have been made to local and non-local corporate offices of existing business to talk about growth and retention opportunities.


The Chamber holds meetings for a variety of purposes: to discuss state and local funding for expansion, training programs, to seek solutions to specific business issues, to talk about potential program changes affecting business, to understand opportunities to promote local business interests and to learn about opportunities.


Project Open is a business support program in Saline County Kansas that has been established by collaborative efforts of local, regional and state organizations which provide services to businesses located in Saline County. The Salina Area Chamber of Commerce serves as the administrative coordinator for Project Open. Other partners include the City of Salina, NetWork Kansas, North Central Kansas Small Business Development Center, North Central Regional Planning Center, Salina Downtown, Inc., and Salina Economic Development Incentive Council.


Project OPEN is available to help businesses succeed in Saline County Kansas through education and business development services. Project Open partners recognize the challenge in being all things to all businesses. The coordination of existing services is paramount to the efficiency of service provision. The goal of Project OPEN is to enable businesses to access a full menu of services, resources and/or referrals through one local contact point.  For additional information click the Entrepreneurs Tab and go to the Project OPEN tab.